The Olympic Golf Course at Olympic Park in Lehi, Utah

It is well known that the Olympic Park in Lehi, Utah has one of the best golf courses in the state. The park is located at the end of a beautiful highway on the edge of the Wasatch Mountains. It is only minutes away from the airport, which means that any golfer can get to and from Salt Lake City in very little time. It also has a public access gate that will let you into the complex for free, and you can also use the restrooms and showers if you like. More can be found here.

There are several golf courses in the park that offer a wide range of different courses and it is always a fun experience. Some of the most popular courses include The Olympic, Golf Course and Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. The Olympic course features over 100 holes that allow for many different types of shots. You can start out with a hole in one if you wish and the course can be completed in less than two hours. Learn more about What the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah Has to Offer.

The Jack Nicklaus Golf Course offers many different layouts to try and make sure that each golfer will have the experience that they were looking for when playing the course. You can choose from many different courses ranging from short holes to long ones that can easily last over two and a half hours. There are many different courses to choose from and the best part is that it all makes it easy to navigate. There are also many great restaurants, hotels and other accommodations nearby so if you ever plan to stay near the park, then you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while enjoying your favorite game.