Lehi Splash Pad – Why Visit This Place?

The Town Center Splash Pad in Lehi, Utah is an outdoor splash pad. It features water that is recycled and purified and is safe for the children to play in. The Town Center Splash Pad is situated inside a large, two-story building that was built in 1980. When you enter this building, you will be greeted by the large, round splash pad. Inside, you will find various different toys and activity centers, such as the kids’ pool, which is a very fun place to spend time. Click here for facts about Lehi, UT.

The Lehi Splash Pad comes with a small, water-filled basin that features a water pump that recharges itself every twenty-four hours. The splash pad also has two big, wide, square holes in it that connect to the back wall of the building. You have a choice to either turn these holes into water or use the water from the basin. The splash pad is also placed on the wall of the building, but you will need to make sure that it is at an angle of thirty degrees. If it is set up flat, it will damage the floor. Click here to read about Thanksgiving  Point-A Great Holiday Spot in Lehi, Utah.

There are several other features of the Town Center Splash Pad that you can enjoy as well. The splash pad has a water feature that is located near the front door of the building. The splash feature will allow you to add water into the basin and refill it whenever you need to. You can also fill the basin with your own rain water or have your family do it for you. The splash pad is a perfect way to have fun during your visit to Lehi, Utah. The splash pad is great for kids and they will love it! Everyone who plays here will be happy with their new splash pad!