Butterfly Biosphere in Lehi, Utah-A Place to Learn About Butterflies

Butterfly Biosphere in Lehi, Utah is the perfect place to enjoy your butterfly and hummingbird viewing in Utah. “The Butterfly Biosphere is a veritable wonderland where you can spend hours of your life watching butterflies come to a rest, feed on plants, and then move into their cocoons for the winter.” “The Butterfly Biosphere provides an exciting way to experience the wonders of nature in the Utah area. You are sure to leave your visitors with a sense of wonder and amazement that last a lifetime.” Learn more here.

The butterfly home at the Butterfly Biosphere is a huge, multi-level facility that serves as an outdoor and indoor attraction with a large variety of species of butterflies. “The Butterfly Biosphere is a true zoo, offering more than sixty species of butterflies, ranging from the smallest insects to the largest. In the Conservatory you’ll see butterflies come to a rest, feed on the plants, and then move into their own protective cocoon for the winter.” “When you enter the Butterfly Biosphere, it feels like you’ve stepped into an oasis. When you step out of the room, there are still hundreds of thousands of beautiful butterflies waiting for you to come and visit them. Learn more about┬áLehi Splash Pad – Why Visit This Place.

Visitors can visit the Butterfly Biosphere at least twice a day, and visitors are welcome to come on special holiday weekends and holidays. During the warmer months, the Butterfly Biosphere welcomes guests to its warm, inviting garden. “For bird watchers, the Conservatory is a good place to watch migrating birds during their migration south. You can even find birds flying around in formation, which is very impressive, as the birds take to the air and then drop down to land where they are protected from the sun and the heat. Visitors can also observe wildflower shows, wildlife watching, and activities for children like water ballooning and skydiving.”