About Margaret Wines Parks In Lehi Utah

Margaret Wines Parks in Lehi, UT is a community park, with a playground and a walking path. It is a small park that features a fountain, as well as a basketball court, a playground, and benches. It is located in close proximity to South Center Street and 300 South in Lehi. It also has two pavilions, bathrooms, playgrounds, large mature trees, and several picnic tables. It’s an interesting place for anyone to visit, whether you are a resident of Lehi or not. There are activities going on all the time. There are many events held here, from family reunions to the annual Fourth of July parade. Lehi, UT can be seen here.

Margaret Wines Parks in Lehi has playground equipment that is suitable for children as young as three. The playground is open on weekdays and weekends, but most of the time it is closed. Most of the playground equipment is made of wood and metal, which make it a safe place for kids to play. Click here to read about The Hutchings Museum and Institute in Lehi, Utah- A Great Museum You Can Visit.

The area surrounding the monument has also been referred to as “Mrs. Wines’ Paradise”, because of the beautiful scenery and natural beauty that can be found here including the Cedar City Utah Temple and the Taylorsville Temple. The monument is adjacent to the Cedar City Utah Temple and is surrounded by beautiful trees and lawns. Visitors often enjoy the scenery and natural beauty of the monument during a hike or bike ride. When it comes to architecture, this park does not disappoint. It features a beautiful marble building built in 1882 and a beautiful granite block structure with a beautiful statue on top.